christine b schoettle

In my artwork, I aim to depict the beauty I see in everyday scenes.  More than the actual objects, I respond to the way natural light transforms them.  The simple beauty in the sunlight pattern on a stop sign, or a garbage truck rolling down the street at dusk are the things that catch my eye and dictate a paintings subject. My interpretation of these moments usually involves deliberate brushwork and punched up color.  As I explore abstraction, I am driven by paring down the details of these moments, and focusing on the the light and color interactions.  

I attended Syracuse University School of Visual and Performing Arts.  I teach Paint Nights at The Milton Art Center, where I am a member of the Board. I am a substitute art teacher in the Milton Academy Lower School, and a member of the South Shore Art Center, The North River Arts Society and was a Gallery Artist at The Nantucket Artists Association.  I live in Milton, MA with my husband and four children.  

My work can be viewed at:

Cecelia Joyce and Seward Johnson Gallery
Nantucket, MA

Delicious Designs Interiors
Hingham, MA

Gallery 334
Milton, MA
original paintings in oil & acrylic